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Mission Statement

WELCOME to all Mariners, both Professional and Recreational!

The purpose of Maritime Professional Training Center of New York is to provide our students with a "Hands On" experience. REAL TUG BOATS - REAL BARGES - IN REAL WORKING SITUATIONS. There are no simulators or conjectural teaching at our facility. Many of the Companies that we have contacted are finding out that their employees lack BASIC Towing expereince. We feel at MPT NY we can fill BOTH the needs of the employer and employee. We can offer Deck Hands, Mates, and new graduates and alumni of Maritime Schools and Colleges the "Hands On" time and skills they need to gain experience and confidence. This is "Where Education Meets Experience". We will guide anyone looking to enter the Towing Industry; a safe and informative approach to gain employment on a Tug Boat.

To our Recreational Boaters, we will help give all family members and friends the confidence to handle their personal vessel in a safe manner on a typical "day of fun on the water" situations. MPT NY offers docking, line handling, day and night time navigation techniques, basic rescue "man overboard" and United States Coast Guard (USCG) "Rules of the Road".

Our School Offers:

-TOAR Assessment to advance to Mate of Towing or Master of Towing for Professional Mariners

-Basic and Advanced Tug Boat and Barge Handling and Manueuvers

-Recreational Boat Handling for Beginners to Advanced

Maritime Professional Training Center of New York offers trained USCG Certified Designated Examiners that are still active working as Tug Boat Captains and are highly respected by their peers in the Towing Industry. Our Captains have decades of experience in Tug Assist, Oil Work, Dredging, Sand and Stone Work in All Harbors, Rivers, and Oceans. We cover ALL aspects of Towing.

Welcome Aboard to Maritime Professional Training Center of New York!

Hope to see you soon,

-The Captains of MPT NY

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